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Founded in 1953 as the Minnesota Soccer Association, the Minnesota Amateur Soccer League (MASL) is the oldest soccer association in Minnesota.

The state’s only sanctioned competitive soccer league for men changed its name to MASL in 1987 when the Minnesota Soccer Association (MSA) became Minnesota’s umbrella organization for adult soccer. In addition to the MASL, the MSA now includes the Minnesota Recreational Soccer League (MRSL) and the Minnesota Women’s Soccer League (MWSL).

The MSA, which began with four teams, spent its first 15 years as the only governing soccer body in Minnesota that was affiliated with the U.S. Soccer Federation.  In 1968, a new youth soccer association, the Minnesota Junior Soccer Association, joined the MSA.

As of 2014 the MASL contains 39 teams and remains the premier amateur soccer league in the state. This prevelance is due in part to the strong reputation around the state/country and the vast number of MASL Hall of Fame members that continue to support the league.