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    Welcome to the Online Home of the Minnesota Amateur Soccer League

    Welcome to the official Minnesota Amateur Soccer League website, an affiliate of the Minnesota Soccer Association and the United States Adult Soccer Association. 

    The MASL is a highly competitive men's soccer league based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area and surrounding communities. It is the oldest organized soccer league in the state of Minnesota that started in 1964.  It varies from 40 to 50 teams that compete at different levels within the league based on a promotion and relegation process.  The different levels, from highest to lowest, include Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, and Division 4.  All new teams that enter the league MUST  enter at the Division 4 level.

    The MASL season begins league play in late April and ends in early August.  In addition to league play, each team can register to participate in either of 2 league sanctioned Tournaments, the Wilson or Minnesota Cups.  Prior to the season starting, all new and existing teams are required to attend general meetings once a month, starting in February and running through April.  These general meetings outline information for teams, such as proposed changes, division alignments,  team costs, and the registration process. Refer to the site Calendar for meeting dates/times/locations.  Also, refer to the REGISTRATION link for registration dates/times, deadlines, breakdown of league fees for upcoming seasons and other information.

    The purpose of this website is to inform, as well as, help to provide league information to team managers/coaches, players, and fans in a quick & convenient manner.

    Information for NEW TEAMS can be found here:


    Referee Fees for 2022

    3 referees: Crews Collects $126 per team

    2 referees: Crews Collects $94 per team

    1 referee:  Crews Collects $52 per team

    Masl player registration

    Click on the LINK below to register for the team you will be playing on in 2022.  


    field insurance form

    Download the LINK below to request for field insurance.  Fill out the PINK shaded area and return it to
















    Last Day for players registration 

    Thur June 30th




    MASL Season Start

    Sun. May 1st




    MASL Season End

    Sun Aug 14





    June 4th &5th

    June 10th, 11th & 12th




    Additional players sign up date

    July 1st